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Our Earliest Instruments

Posted on January 26, 2017 in Musical Instruments

We take musical instruments for granted. We have never known a world without a drum, a horn or the sound of a mother humming to her baby. The human voice was the very first musical instrument, but was soon – in relative terms, followed by devices which more closely resemble the instruments of today.

Music is in everything if we stop and listen. For example, my cousin owns a 24 hour tow truck St Catharines ON and he has told me all about the different sounds the towing fleet makes when the various sized trucks are rumbling down the highway to help their next client. Another example that comes to mind, is of an old friend who owned a printing shop. As an amateur musician, he often found himself composing songs with a back rhythm of the churning beat of the printing press. The melodic beat set a tempo that developed into more than one of his musical compositions. Testimonies that music can be found anywhere.