Posted on January 19, 2017

Where would the world be without music? In fact, there would be no world simply because the songs of birds, crickets chirping, brooks babbling and the wind whistling through the trees would not exist. I contend there would be no happiness or joy – no world as we know it, at all.

This is a site about the music we bring to our world through musical instruments. Musical instruments are our tools to spread the sounds of the heavens and the melodies of the earth and are center to the song.

Learn about the origins of musical instruments. Find yourself in their journey as they have evolved over the millennium. Give yourself over to the enchantment of what inspired humans to pick up a rock and begin to drum. Listen to the chords played on reeds that initially came from the neighboring swamp. Let your imagination run wild as you hear our stories of great warriors who blew the ram’s horn in songs of victory.

This site is about the history and modern day lives of musical instruments. Which ones are more coveted than others and why and when? How does music bring life to a situation that otherwise would be barren and exanimate? What is the role of the gifts of musical instruments in world peace? Yes, far-fetching? Not so far as to be a major player in the theater of life.

Musical instruments are bought and sold, traded and made every day. They fall into the hands of the amateur and the aficionado without discrimination. They don’t allow abuse as they will not perform well if not treated with respect. They give their best for those who are in tune with their purpose. Musical instruments are gifts, tools and muses to the player and the listener.

This site is all about a deep appreciation and regard for musical instruments. Each article could be whimsical or serious – depending on my mood. What you can count on is, as a lover of music and the gifts of musical instruments each article is written with appreciation and gratitude.

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