4 Reasons Why Playing a Musical Instrument is Good for Your Kid

Posted on February 9, 2017 in Musical Instruments

There are so many things to think about when considering have kids. Then when your little ones arrive, you’re even more inundated with information and choices. What, when and how are a daily – sometimes moment by moment, way of life when it comes to the highest and best for your children.

Studies show that one of the greatest gifts to give your kids is the sound of music. Kitchener moving company has relocated more drum sets and pianos than they can count. Why is learning about music so important in child development?

Music teaches patience
In your whirl-wind world, a baby doesn’t understand that sometimes other things must come first. What could possibly be more important than addressing your sweet bundle’s every whim? Shutting off the gas burner, going to the bathroom, answering an important phone call – come on – we all could add a few dozen things to the list. Without putting your baby’s safety second, life still has to go on.

So, turn on a beautiful piece of music. Depending on the personality of your child, you will know if he is a Mozart or Hip Hop kind of kid. Healthy, fun sounds distract from a self-centered negative demand – at least for a little while.

In a world of instant gratification when a young child takes up an instrument, it requires time and patience to learn to play. Therefore, realizing that everything isn’t as immediate as technology leads one to believe can translate into other aspects of life.

Adds confidence
My girlfriend started her little boy on the piano when he was only 4 years old. Every day in some way she made it fun for him to play music and only gave him one or two days off a week from learning the piano. This has gone on for years and because of her kind way of reinforcing his efforts, at the age of 10, he can walk up to any situation knowing that he does one thing very well. Of course, he does other things well, too but he realizes that if he has been able to learn the piano, he can (and has) learn other challenging tasks. He’s confident that he can build other skills by himself, and now his music proves him out. During everyday interaction with others, a child learns what is appropriate behavior.

Social life skills are a by-product of joining others who play in musical groups. Children learn to relate to others and work as a team while enjoying shared rewards that come as a result of playing together.

Improves memory
As we grow our developing brain is stimulated by learning to play an instrument. Studies show a correlation between children who are involved with music and higher academic achievement. Remembering, practicing and performing builds neurons in the brain that act as bridges for other cognitive processes.

Let’s a kid be a kid

Although there are guidelines that define music, it opens doors for personal self-expression. When kids get together with friends who play, garage bands are formed, jams are created out of nowhere and creative juices flow with only self-imposed rules. At most points, it doesn’t matter if the music is good, but only that the expression is free-flowing. As the natural spirit is freed – so is creativity.

These are just 4 reasons why playing a musical instrument is good for your kid. Leave a comment below and tell us what you’ve noticed when your child reacts to music.

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